BOMBSHELLS all female rock band


Their debut EP goes by the title of "One" and features 3-songs and 15-minutes worth of quality music, cool 70's HARD ROCK tunes with great chorus!.
If you like all female melodic hard rock then you will be more than happy with this record!
I loved all the songs and hope you support these girls too!
Super sexy and wild!!

Band Members:
-Whity, vocals
-Ross Foxy, bass
-Jena, drums
-Jonie Johns, guitar
-Allison, guitar


- "One" EP - Heart Of Steel Records/ Emmeciesse 2010 - Digital, CD and Vinyl Format
- "Dirty, ild and nasty" song in "Nocturne vol.7" CD COMPILATION
- "Dirty, wild and nasty" song in "Olympia 2012 The end of the games" Digital COMPILATION 

LISTEN the song!!!

Available in the label site : Heart Of Steel Records

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