CRASH CHAOS CRUSADE accept music submission!

Defox Records company focused on scouting independent artists of Thrash/Death/Extreme Metal genres and adding their favorite songs to digital compilations that are launch worldwide!
The subsidiary labels looking talents to sign,  Invincible Records is READY!! (

The compilation includes between 14-16 tracks from Defox artists to major label acts. 

Additional Details:
Worldwide distribution on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and other 130+ stores
Worldwide Promotion with DvlGator Bureau, 
Exclusive band page on label site and in
Monthly exposition of audio player with all song on international music webzines as Eurockerz, Big Splash Music, Muzik Mono, Musica Follia,
Airplay selection on Playlist Radio Network

No fees or costs required for distribution (Free promotion with press agency, free isrc/upc codes, No exclusive distribution, 100% copyrights are property of the artist)
Is guaranteed that artists and bands on these compilations pay absolutely nothing and retain all rights to their music!

Upcoming compilations:
Compilation Vol.1 (genre: Thrash/Death/Extreme Metal) 

Bands now confirmed are:
We are pleasure to announce the legendary XIPE TOTEC (Mexico)
- SALVATOR (Indonesia)

Send your submission to: 

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