Concordea is a Russian Power Metal band


Concordea is a Russian band from Ekaterinburg formed in 2011 by two guitar players Piankova Daria and Alexey Raskovalov, later the bass guitar player Nikolay Konstantinov has arrived. The first line up was realized towards the middle of the 2012, when Roman Doronin (drums), Dmitri Ostapchenko (vocals) and Alexey Turetskov (keyboards) have joined the band. During the year the first demo songs were recorded, and on the 6th of September, 2012 the first concert was given. At the end of the 2012 the vocalist left the band, therefore Concordea had to be confronted with difficulties, since the Concordea’s music “soul” should have been personified by a high male voice with the capacity to interpret different moods and feelings put into music.

By the time of the first EP recordings, the vocalist’s place was taken by Andrea Bicego, the leader and vocalist of an Italian band 4th DIMENSION. The result surpassed all expectations: heavy metal melodiousness of Concordea and expressive unusual voice of Andrea perfectly complement each other.


- "Before the sunrise" EP - Heart Of Steel Records 2014

Line up:

Daria Piankova - guitars
Nikolay Konstantinov - bass guitar
Alexey Raskovalov - guitars
Roman Doronin - drums
Alexey Turetskov - keyboards
Andrea Bicego – vocals (special guest)

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