GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA ukranian symphonic metal


Grotesque Orchestra created by the artist and musician Grotesk (as band Uzhgorod ) like animated 3D project in 2010 in the city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine, then the author had the idea to play in the style of symphonic metal songs that were originally written for an animated film.
In 2011, the project joined guitarist Dimitriy Pavlovskiy and work beguns of record by two musical styles unificated under a common name "Grotesque Orchestra", the band is actively developing in two directions, as animated film and as music project.

- "The Hung Castro" Invicible Records (This album is available ONLY in every Digital music store and launched in 2012).
- The Victory over Chaos" song in "Olympia 2012 The end of the games" Digital COMPILATION 

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