The swiss Power trio ANOTHERoX will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project.

DeFox Records announce that the swiss Power trio ANOTHEROX will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project.

The song titled "Crank" will be published on CD format only.

«What is AnotherOx?! An animal?!»
AnotherOx is a «kick ass live trio testosterone-loaded band» emerging from a winter 2012 evening in the brisk city of Orbe, Switzerland. A nervous bassist singer, T-bo, an explosive guitar with in-you-face riffs, Vince Green, and a kick-ass drummer, Match Pink! The 3 friends are creating dynamite cocktail to propel you through Texan deserts, damp Bayous and abrupt Alaskan mountain landscapes.

T-bo Range: Chant & basse
Vince Green: Guitare & chant 

Match Pink: Batterie

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