DeFox Records announce the official CD tracklist

DeFox Records announce the official CD tracklist of  "OLYMPIA 2016 The end of the games", the product will include 16 songs from international Rock bands;

01. A Bat's project (DANIELE BAT MARASPIN) - Italia                           
02. Unchain My Broken Heart (ANASTASIO FARINI) - Greece                   
03  Crank (ANOTHEROX) - Switzerland                                                      
04. When night falls (ALICATE) - Sweden                               
05. Gypsy Girl (ARMONIGHT) - Italia                                                
06. Cold (R aka RICCARDO FAVARA) - Italia/UK                          
07. I will be there (MISTERMAT) - Italia                                             
08. Why (MUIREANN JUNE CASH) - Italia                                           
09. Free (PAUL & ELECTRONICS) - Italia                                              
10. Miss Valentino (SERENA ROCK BAND) - Italia                  
11. Without An Illusion (SHIVAN) - Italia                           
12. "Skin as snow" (MOTO ARMONICO) - Italia                                   
13. Lost It All (BREAKING CHAIN) - UK                                          
14. Son of Thunder (BRAVE) - Brazil                                              
15. The game (SYMPTOMEN) - Brazil                                              
16. Mictecacihuatl (MIQUIAN) - Mexico

About the SPECIAL project: "OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)"
the CD sampler is not for sale - it spreading for free among labels/musicians/gig-fests orgs/just a fans etc etc

Printed copies of the CD do not exceed 5.000 copies ... is a product exclusively for promotional purposes and not commercial! 

The digital version of this CD will only appear on Youtube...the player will be shared thru media partners in each homepage site!